Relocation Assistance

Relocation Assistance

relo135So you have decided you need to consider a relocation in order to advance your career or get back into the insurance job market.   However, moving to a new city can be intimidating and expensive.  With more companies focusing on local candidates, you can level the playing field by being willing to relocate at your own expense.  JL Nixon Consulting has access to relocation assistance with up to 57% off the normal interstate move cost.

Contact us and we can help you take advantage of our contacts in the moving and storage business.


Jeff is the consummate recruiter: honest, intelligent, tenacious, creative, wise, and well-connected. His focus and determination in helping you find the ideal placement is unparalleled.

David Pulley, MSM-RMI, CPCU, RPLU -
Assistant Vice President, Senior Care Group at MedPro

Continuing Ed

Are you interested in furthering your insurance career with additional professional education courses?


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