Final Negotiations

Final Negotiations

The road to the end is now in sight. All of the preliminary work, research and interviews have been completed. Now comes the preparation for the offer and final negotiations.

The natural tendency is to take a well-deserved emotional break and wait for the company to return with a fair offer. But there is still much to do. Careful energy must be put into sealing the job of your dreams.  The first issue is to determine what is an appropriate offer for this position.

Many factors must be considered before that number is ascertained such as cost-of-living, parity with similar positions with other companies, amount of risk in the job due to the company’s standing, location, responsibilities, level of control, amount of travel, etc. Research must be done prior to the actual offer so as to be adequately armed when final negotiations take place.

negotiateSo where do you go to gain this ammunition? The answer is to go back to our initial sources when we first began our job search. You’ll need to network in the local marketplace with peers and mentors. Additional time on the Internet will be required to gather information from websites, which provide salary comparisons, cost-of-living comparisons, company financials, and other useful tools. Complacency at this stage could result in settling for a lesser salary or perks or even making an unwise final decision.

Most companies expect an answer, subsequent to an offer being extended within 48 hours. Some will allow for a week plus the weekend, but rarely beyond. Their assumption is you have asked all of the necessary questions concerning the position, corporate structure and benefits and all that remains is whether the compensation package is attractive enough for you to accept the position. Taking too much time to make a decision can result in the danger of having the offer withdrawn.

Once an offer has been extended, make sure you ask for a written offer letter and the appropriate benefit information packet to be sent to you by overnight mail. Proper due diligence should be performed prior to accepting or rejecting the offer.

You are so close to having your dream position you can feel it. Make sure you are ready for it!


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