Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Navigating the employment market place can be intimidating.  Changing jobs or finding a job is an arduous but rewarding process.  That is why we at JL Nixon Consulting provide honest and up-to-date input on your insurance career when you need it.  We can assist you in the following areas:


  • How do I get started in the job hunting process?
  • What is the average time to complete a job search?
  • What kind of resume will work best for me?
  • Should I post my resume on career/job boards?
  • Are the best jobs posted on career boards or through recruiters?
  • What educational steps would be helpful in my chosen career path?
  • Are there any “helps” available to prepare for interviews?
  • What are the major pitfalls going into the final stages of a job search?
  • What services can I expect from a professional recruiter?

All of these questions and more you should be asking when entering a job search.  JL Nixon Consulting offers a comprehensive array of services to each of our candidates.  Our goal is to take the “guess work” out of the process and make you look as professional and informed as possible.

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Jeff is the consummate recruiter: honest, intelligent, tenacious, creative, wise, and well-connected. His focus and determination in helping you find the ideal placement is unparalleled.

David Pulley, MSM-RMI, CPCU, RPLU -
Assistant Vice President, Senior Care Group at MedPro

Continuing Ed

Are you interested in furthering your insurance career with additional professional education courses?


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