Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter

Congratulations! All of the time and effort expended proved to be fruitful. Preparation prior to the offer and skillful negotiations yielded a generous offer from the company.

approvedYour next job is to write an acceptance letter. The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge your acceptance of the position based on the specific details outlined in the company’s offer letter.

The acceptance letter should be a short, one page letter thanking the company for their offer, reiterating your understanding of the position by title and compensation and to inform the company of the date you intend to begin employment. A sample letter can be found below.



Jeff is the consummate recruiter: honest, intelligent, tenacious, creative, wise, and well-connected. His focus and determination in helping you find the ideal placement is unparalleled.

David Pulley, MSM-RMI, CPCU, RPLU -
Assistant Vice President, Senior Care Group at MedPro

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